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External therapy support

To engage external therapist support at Fisher Road School

Step 1:

Parents please fill in a Parent/carer request and return to the class teacher

After the teacher receives this, if she/he is in agreement, the request is passed onto the office.

Step 2:

The office then contacts the therapist requesting all documents.

Therapists must complete and return:

  1. Declaration for child related work - unless they have a current DoE number
  2. An external provider agreement
  3. Current child protection training -  must be done every year


Therapists must read:

  1. Code of Conduct policy
  2. Controversial issues in schools policies and procedures
  3. Allegations against Employees in the area of child protection


Therapists must provide evidence of:

  1. Public liability
  2. Personal indemnity
  3. Workers compensation or personal injury of a sole trader insurance
  4. Completed child protection training- for current year
  5. Proof of identity - 100 points

Step 3:

The Principal will send an email to the therapist, teacher and parent. After a suitable time has been negotiated therapy can commence. 

Therapy is not to commence until therapists have received an email approving the request. 

This process is to be completed at the beginning of each school year.