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External therapy support

To engage external therapist support at Fisher Road School


Parents please fill in a Parent/carer request and return to the class teacher


Therapists must complete and return:

  1. Declaration for child related work - unless they have a current DoE number
  2. An external provider agreement
  3. Current child protection training -  must be done every year


Therapists must read:

  1. Code of Conduct policy
  2. Controversial issues in schools policies and procedures
  3. Allegations against Employees in the area of child protection


Therapists must provide evidence of:

  1. Public liability
  2. Personal indemnity
  3. Workers compensation or personal injury of a sole trader insurance
  4. Completed child protection training- for current year
  5. Proof of identity - 100 points


Returning therapists:

A new parent request must be filled in by the parent

Therapists must complete and return:

  1. Engagement agreement
  2. Current child protection training
  3. Read policies
  4. Current copies of insurances