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Key to the instructional approach and student skill development is the integration of technology into everyday life.

All classrooms have interactive white boards as well as a host of ever developing equipment used to improve the learning options for students.


Students have access to computers in each classroom. Using a range of computer programs students practice their academic skills, refine eye-hand coordination, learn cause and effect, develop problem solving and language skills, enhance communication options and enjoy leisure time. Every class has access to the internet in their room. Each student has the opportunity to monitor their own email address and use the internet for classroom work.

iPad technology

All classrooms are supported with a number of iPads specifically set up for student use. Extensive work has been carried out at the school to develop iPad technology as both an instructional and recreational tool. Much of teaching program management is also assisted by iPad and Tablet technology. Visit our website Fisher Road iPad Technology for more information.

Adaptive equipment

We are constantly trying to improve our resources to ensure that all students have the opportunity to access computers. Adaptive equipment allows students with physical disabilities and with intellectual disabilities to operate programs on computers. Some students use a device called an adapted mouse which operates by pressing a switch. Touchscreens and the easyball are examples of other adaptations the students use.

Along with a number of specified software programs used at the school, students have access to individual software designed by school staff.