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Work skills

Fisher Road has a varied work experience program that teaches valuable skills to our senior students which enables them to develop sound work practices as well as appropriate social behaviours necessary to be a member of the working community.

Developing work skills helps prepare students for a smooth transition to post school options upon completion of school, whether it be community participation or transition to work. We provide many on site activities to develop and increase students abilities to stay on task which is important for transitioning to work after school.

The school based activities we provide include:

  • Work skills boxes                                          
  • Recycling
  • Paper shredding
  • Packaging                                                                             
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Cafe and senior restaurant programs   
  • Canteen management
  • Laundry
  • Bus maintenance
  • Can crushing
  • Maintenance of school grounds

As well as the school based work skills, we also offer a variety of community based programs that are important in developing and generalising skills learnt at school that can be carried across to organisations in the community.

These worksites are great for developing various work skills in our students, and also provide opportunities for them to socialise and practice communication with other people.

Work skills programs also include ordering and paying for lunch as well as locating and using toilets, which develops students self confidence in various community settings.

Out of school programs include:

  • One meal
  • Pamphlet delivery
  • One-off individual placements.