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Fisher Road Zones

Fisher Road School Zones

We have developed a successful program that has been adapted from the Zones of RegulationⓇ. The Fisher Road School Zones is an interactive tool to assist students to understand, maintain and change their alertness to engage during daily activities. Developing connections through co-regulation, leading to the longer-term goal of self-regulation is a focus to reinforce behaviours.

The program is grounded in evidence relating to the neurological processes that occur in our brain when integrating sensory information about our body and the environment.

Classes have started to implement the visual posters, toolbox resources and related language.

Students learn that there are four zones to describe how your brain and body feel. The blue zone is an under responsive arousal state, green is ‘calm yet alert’ where cognitive work is achieved, and the yellow zone is an over responsive arousal state. There is visual emotions that are used to describe each state and a useful toolbox of strategies that students can do when they are in each zone such as deep pressure work, heavy work, or learning.

Fisher Road School Zones is a teaching tool, not a behaviour model. It is a thinking framework and a supportive way to nurture skill development.

The Fisher Road School Zones toolbox is used in the classroom for students to engage with and use the tools for optimal states of learning.